4th of July - Pet Safety Tips

4th of July – Pet Safety Tips

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

The 4th of July is a fun time to celebrate and enjoy the festivities but keep your four legged friends in mind when you plan your 4th of July activities. Remember it is just not on the 4th that people light off Fireworks may people start up to a week earlier. Think ahead and prepare your fur babies for the 4th of July!

Every year we share these great 4th of July – Pet Safety Tips to ensure it is a happy day for all the family.

1.) Make Sure Your Pet is In a Safe, Secure Location

  • Crate- A Crate would be a wonderful place to leave your dog while 4th of July fireworks are going on to help keep them calm. Read more about Tips on Crate Training (Click Here)
  • Back Room with Music- Maybe you want to have them away from your guests with a lot of toys to help keep them distracted
  • A Family Members Home- If you live close to a park that you know has a large firework display you might think about going over to a family members or friends home to help a bit with the sound of Fireworks

2.) Have Proper Identification- Just in Case Your Dog Runs Off

  • Collar- It is important to have a collar with the Pets Name & Phone Number
  • Microchip- If your dog does run off a microchip might mean being reunited to your pet
  • More Dogs Run Away on the 4th of July than any other Day of the Year!

3.) 4th of July Party- Decorations, Large Groups of People & Sparklers

  • Be conscious of the Decorations you have at your 4th of July Party as glow sticks
  • Food & Alcoholic drinks will be out so make sure your pets don’t have access to them

4.) Walk, Walk & Walk – A tired dog is a happy dog! It is important to get even more exercise done around the 4th so they won’t have built up energy to bolt when they hear the Fireworks.

5.)Special Clothing-  You might think about purchasing a Thundershirt t or wrap to help calm your dog down. It is like a nice big hug for your dog all the time. We have heard people swear by them and them others who say they don’t see much difference. It might be worth a try if your doggies have bad anxiety.


4th of July - Pet Safety Tips

4th of July – Pet Safety Tips

We hope these tips help Keep Your Dogs Safe on the 4th of July!

Tips on How to Keep Your Dogs Safe on the 4th of July