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How to Introduce New Pets? Local Pet Sitter Helps

Congratulations on the NEW addition to the Family! 

It is important that the introduction of the new family member be a smooth transition to ensure a healthy environment. Fido and Fluffy can live happily in the same space as long as you take the time to do it correctly.

Royal Pet Care a Local Pet Sitter helps with tips.

1.) You are the Alpha and In Charge of the Situation- It is vital you can control the pet you already have at home. If you have a dog make sure he has mastered the commands so if needed he/she will listen to your verbal commands.

2.) Maintain Routine- Feed, Walk and Care for your animals in the same routine you already have established

3.) Dog First Introduction- It should be in a park or open area to make sure your dog doesn’t become territorial and cause problems. If at the first attempt they don’t get along separate them and try again in 30 minutes. Don’t try to force it just have patience for the new friendship.

Cat First Introduction- Leave the New Cat in the carrier so the members of the family can smell and get to know the New Cat. It is important to have a crate to be able to control the situation if needed. At night keep the animals in different rooms and feed them separately.

5. ) Sleeping Arrangements- Keep each pet in a different room so they are not stressed about the new family members.

6.) A Safe Place- At this time of new introductions it is best to have each animal have a space to call their own. A cat night need one room in the house to be away from the dog if needed.


Our Dogs the day they found their Forever Homes with us Godiva & Penny 2009 Local Pet Sitter

Our Dogs the day they found their Forever Homes with us
Godiva & Penny 2009