Godiva likes to whack the ornaments with her tail! Good thing mommy puts all plastic ones towards the bottom

Pets Safety at Christmas Boise Pet Sitter Shares Tips

Pets Safety at Christmas

Pets Safety at Christmas

It is a wonderful time of year! We decorate our homes, wrap gifts, give back in our community and spend time with our loved ones. It is important to remember to keep your pets safe with all the Christmas decorations. We have heard stories of clients coming home to Christmas trees completely knocked over because Fluffy decided to climb it or Fido eating the popcorn string that adorned the tree for years.

Important Christmas Decorating Tips for Pet Safety

1.) Think About What Your Pets Can Reach- it might NOT be a good idea to have a Christmas Tree with glass ornaments low on the ground where your energetic puppy might bump into things. We only put plastic ornaments on the tree in the room where the girls have access. Godiva has a long tail she can’t control so ornaments normally fall off. If you have expensive or fragile ornaments you might consider putting them in a room where your animals don’t have access to it.

2.) Does Your Animal like Paper- Your pets might be interested in wrapped gift so you might want to tell your guests (if they are visiting from our of town) to keep presents in another room until it is time to open them.

3.) Outside Decorations- Use tent stakes for lawn decorations to help keep your dogs from ripping them out of the ground. Keep an eye on where you leave extension cords and lights so it isn’t a tripping hazard for your animals.

 4.) Scented Candles, Pine Cones and Decorations- It is important to not leave things out where your animals can reach them. A scented candle might get destroyed if Fido thinks its food.

5.) Maintain Your Established Routine- Although the Holiday Season bring with it traveling, parties and family time it is important to make sure Fido and Fluffy maintain their same routine. Even if it is cold take Fido for a walk to make sure he/she gets their needed exercise.

You can find more Tips from the ASPCA’s website on Holiday Safety Tips