Your Dog is Missing!?! Eagle Pet Sitter Helps

by Veronica Roper

Missing Pets are Horrible! Tips to Help Bring Them HOME by Eagle Pet Sitter

You come home to an open backyard gate and your sweet Fido is missing. Once you allow your panic to settle it is important to follow the listed steps!

We will share the importance of proper identification along with things to do to help bring your sweet family member home. It is important to do things before your pet goes missing to ensure they can make it back home safe.

To Do When Fido Is Missing:

1.) Drive Around Your Neighborhood to see if you can find Fido. Keep Your Phone on LOUD just in case someone finds them and calls you from the information on their name tag. (Provided you have a collar with a tag on your pets)

2.) Visit the Idaho Humane Society and File a Missing Pet Report- The Idaho Humane Society will hold a dog for 6 days so it is so important that you check in daily to see if your animal has turned up.  Once your pup is found please contact them again so they can remove your report.

3.) Make Fliers and Post them around your Neighborhood- It is important that your signs have a good clear picture of your dog, his/her name, contact information and when the dog was last seen. We recommend putting the fliers in a clear protective sleeve so they last longer in the always changing weather we have here in Boise, Idaho.

4.) Tell People On Social Media-Share Your Missing Pet Flier on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Contact a few local rescues, pet sitters, friends and family to help spread the news about your missing Pet. The more people you know have looking for your animal the better chance of finding them (granted they have proper identification on) Let us know if your animal is missing and we will help pass along the information. Royal Pet Care Facebook Page

5.) Put an Add on Craigslist- Post where, when and a good picture of your dog (one from the front and side)

6.) Contact the Idaho Statesman Newspaper to put in a Missing Pet Ad

Your Dog is Missing!?! Eagle Pet Sitter Helps

Mom makes sure I am always wearing my collar with my information tag.

Proper Identification IS VITAL

1.) Make Sure your Animal has a collar with a TAG! It is important for someone who finds your animal to be able to call you or return them home.  We recommend having a cell phone on the tag so the person can always reach you.

Examples of What To Add On to Your Pets Tag:   Fido
(208) 555-5555

City, State

Company of Microchip Company

Phone Number

2.) Microchip- Both Cats and Dogs can be get a microchip and it is a little piece of plastic that holds a specific number which is implanted in there neck. Any veterinarian office can scan your animal to see if they have a chip. If your animals collar falls off and they run away a microchip can mean weather or not if they make it home.

3.) Collars with Phone Numbers/Pet Names- A few of our clients don’t have tags but they have proper identification embroidered on their animals collar.

Dog Boarding Options in Boise Idaho Your Dog is Misssing!?! Eagle Pet Sitter Helps

Your Dog is Missing!?! Eagle Pet Sitter Helps