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How much does Pet Sitting cost?

This is a very common questions and normally the first thing we get asked on the phone. The answer is it all depends on your pets unique needs. We need to know a bit more about what your travel or pet care needs are to answer this question.

How much does pet sitting cost?

The things we have to consider in the price are:

1.) How many visits per day do your pets need? If you have one cat a daily visit might be great but if you have a puppy we are most likely looking at 3-4 visits a day or even overnight care. If you have an older pet who requires medications at specific times of the day that might change the amount of visits needed.

2.) What kind of pets do you own? If you have an older doggie who need more time with us or a puppy who needs more visits the price will vary on visit lengths and amounts.

3.) When are you going away? We provide service everyday of the year but we do have a surcharge for major Holidays. Please contacts us in advance to make sure we have availability in your area on the days needed.

4.) How long do you want a dog walk? We offer our dog walking service for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Let us know how long you would like a dog walk as price will vary.

We are a professional pet sitting company and pride ourselves in providing quality service for your animals. We understand you have options in your pet sitting needs so do your research and find the company that provides you with peace of mind, trust and offers you the level of service you feel your pets deserve.

Our prices range from $16.00- $101.00 depending on the services you need.

 How much does pet sitting cost? It depends on your unique needs so Contact Us for a More Information

how much does pet sitting cost

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