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Happy National Chicken Month September

National Chicken Month

We were tweeting and Arizona Pet Vet mentioned it was National Chicken Month. We had to find some cool Chicken facts to share in honor of September being National Chicken Month.

National Chicken Month

Meet Our Chickens
Brownie, Betty White, Bernita and Jemima

1.) Did you know the chicken is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus-Rex? How cool is that?

2.)Have you heard of the the phrase “pecking order”? It came from the way chickens organize themselves in a dominance hierarchy. Anyone who owns chickens will tell you who the boss lady is in the group. Bernita is our Alpha female.

3.)The color of the chicken’s egg is determined by their earlobe color. White earlobes generally indicate white eggs, and red earlobes usually indicate brown eggs.

4.) Chickens love to eat grass just like spaghetti with a slurp. It is important to chickens to eat bugs, grass and plants to make healthier eggs.

5.) Each chicken sounds means something different! They have a specific sounds for each different predator.

6.) Chickens can be fast if needed! Up to 9 miles per hour

7.) A girl chicken until she starts laying eggs is called a Pullet.

8.) Gallus gallus domesticus is the scientific name for a Chicken.

9.) It takes patience to find the right set up for backyard chickens. We got our Coop from D & B. We have had to try different feeding dispensers because of our Coop size and location. So far we had decided its best to just feed them by hand so we can check on them, monitor the amount they eat and reduce loss in fed. One of the large feeders we discovered was wasting a lot of food as we ended up just scooping it out when we cleaned the Coop.

Do you have chickens? We would love to see pictures of your girls. Do you have any fun or silly chicken stories to share? We would love tips to share for new chicken owners as well. Have you learned something from owning a chicken you think other owners should know? We would love to hear from you.

Happy National Chicken Month!