Therapy Dogs Help BSU Students during Finals

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St. Luke’s Therapy Dogs & Genesis Service Dogs Visit Campus to Help Students Relief Stress

therapy dogs

They even gave out cute puppy stickers if you pet the doggies.

 Finals Relief is going on this week at Boise State University. They have coordinated to have wonderful resources available for students during this crazy time know as finals.  They have had the sweetest Therapy Dogs available from 11-2 this week in the Quad to help stressed out students. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and very friendly. Therapy dogs are a great resource and you can tell by the happy faces of the students that spending time with adorable sweet doggies does reduce stress. While talking to one of the nice volunteer ladies with St. Luke’s Therapy Dogs she shared with us that Therapy Dogs and Service dogs are very different. Therapy dogs help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, calm or help with anxiety. A service dog has specific functions it helps its human with such as a blind person having a dog to help with mobility. If an establishment does not allow dogs a Therapy dog does not the right to be in the facility. A service dog has legal standing and would have access to any and all facilities the human could access.

Many times people just think of Therapy dogs to help someone just with a physical impairment but in recent years dogs have even been helping children to learn how to read. The dog sits with the child and the child reads to the dog allowing them to get over their fear of reading in public. The child does not have the stress of having to read in front of a class or being made fun of for a mistake.  It is amazing to think of all the possibilities and ways animals can help us. 

Therapy dogs can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement facilities and anywhere people can benefit from a gentle companion. Any breed of canine can be a Therapy Dog the importance thing is the animals temper.

5 Facts About Therapy Dogs

  • Any Breed Can Be a Therapy Dog
  • Certification requires the Dog to have training but the Human as well
  • Formal Therapy Dog Programs started in 1976
  • Therapy Dogs ARE NOT Service Dogs
  • There are thousands of Therapy Dogs in the United States (Therapy Dogs International, as of 2009, boasted over 21,000 teams of dogs and handlers.)
therapy dogs

Finals Relief with Therapy Dogs visiting Boise State University Campus



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